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Energetic healing

Become entirely yourself again, then you are your most beautiful

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Meet Ruud Schalkwijk

Energetic Healer

Besides entrepreneur in conscious and sustainable business development and innovation Ruud is a (holistic) energetic healer.

Ruud offers a range of massages and (haptonomic) treatments, has studied psychology and has gained a lot of experience during his life.

Also important is his empathy. Ruuds treatments are always accompanied by a consult. In consultation with you Ruud determines which treatment suits best at this particular moment.

Besides massages and treatments of meridians and chakras Ruud can also utilize extra resources such as his Ankh and Cosmic disk.

A consult + treatment costs 90 euros including VAT. Usually this will take 1- 1.5 hours.


Why energetic Healing?

It can help you with



Find your own direction (again)

It will help you understand life better and what your role in life is.

It will help you understand life better and what your role in life is.

Rediscover your own way, your unique life path and return to it. 

It helps you find fulfilment in your life.

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Ineke K.

Nice experience definitely worth it


Ruud his treatments support you in staying close to yourself and act from your strength and inner knowing.

I have also experienced treatments of Ruud and they supported me in coming towards and staying close to myself even more than I already was.

That means that even if you are good in your energy, you can practice your own potential even more by Ruud his support.

Christine R.