Workshop System Constellation

Tuesday August 27th 2019

10:00 - 16:00

in Utrecht

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Ruud van der Splinter Keynote Speaker

Ruud van der Splinter Keynote Speaker

  • Create more focus

  • Learn to avoid pitfalls

  • Create better decisions together with your team/ cooperation partners

Ruud is a multi-entrepreneur with experience of many successful business development and innovation projects. In his work as an executive consultant and business coach, he has a high degree of involvement with the entrepreneur and his/ her company. His work is at the intersection of leadership, business and the use of information technology.

He likes to share his knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs who are passionate about growing their business, who are in charge of the daily management and provide honest products and/ or services. He believes it is important that these companies are given the opportunity to offer more added value to well-being in society - Ensuring a better future together.

During this workshop Ruud focuses in particular on two areas:

  • Organization (management dynamics, teams and leadership development issues),

  • Strategy/ mission (about what drives us in relation to society and business and what makes a company fail or successful)

Move Your Market

Meet also at this event

Margreet started her career in marketing and selling products and services. She has broad experience in both the consumer and the business-to-business market.

After years of working at various companies, she started her own company in the art industry in 2013, Dutch Luxury Design. With her company she offers Dutch and International artists a platform to reach a wider audience.

At the beginning of this year a webshop was also added to enter the online market.

Especially the personal contact in her work she finds important and inspiring.

After having lived in the South of Spain for 12 years, Margreet has returned to the Netherlands in 2018. The years abroad have been a fantastic experience for her and have brought her lots of friendships and fun.

It is precisely these experiences that have influenced her awareness of being more conscious of people and the planet.

She wants to shape this by working together with Core Abundant Lifestyle.


Margreet van der Gaag

Dutch Luxury Design

Ruud van der Splinter and Margreet are life and business partners

Associates Des Arts 


10:00 Welcome

10:30 Introduction (Melody)

11:00 Business case/ group session

12:30 Lunch break

13:00 System Constellation

15:00 Break

15:30 Completion (Ruud Schalkwijk)


You can register for this event bringing in your own business case/ question.

You can also join the event to have the experience as an active or 'observing' participant, which will also be of great value to you.

During the preparation of the business case in the morning there will be a group session with the other participants.

After the lunch break the constellation will take place with the whole group. The constellation brings great value for the case owner and all participants and will be closed with a conclusion.

There are several ticket positions available according to the role you want to have on this event:

  • business case owner,

  • active participant,

  • observing participant.

Consider also to join the event with your team/ business partner.